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Regular sleep Always go to bed around the same time each day and rise at a consistent time in the morning. It’s vital not to deviate too much from your rhythm on weekends.

Find your ritual It doesn’t matter if it’s a warm bath, reading a book or listening to a podcast. Once you establish a ritual your body will be conditioned to relax, helping you fall asleep.

Climate The best room-temperature for sleeping is between 15-19°C (59-66 Fahrenheit). Of course this depends on your personal preference. We recommend you air out your bedroom for five minutes in the morning and evening.


The jewels of Sonya Re-applicable adhesive jewels last for up to 7 days on your skin and hair Jewels are made of authentic Swarovski crystals from Austria Luxury collection settings are plated with long-lasting 24k gold Waterproof, sweat-proof, and sports friendly Designed and handcrafted in Europe


Product Description:
The care cream is rich in vitamins and content, free of suction material.
Important active substances:
vitamin A and (natural extracts), high concentrations of vitamin B such as pantothenic acid, jojoba oil, rich care candles (beeswax and carnauba wax).
Skin types:
Suitable for all skin types.
Effective for non-greasy, dry or fragile skin.
Protective cream in winter.


The philosophy of our undertaken is recodnizable in the trademark. Like abird we are free, we try to have an overview of news, We search and organize everthing what makes our life healthier,easier,more beautiful with high flexibility we react with our offers on request of clients and customers. Indigenous to the Arabian countries and Germany we are mainly active for german companies which are interested to establish their business in the Araban we help to enter the market.

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Discover a new concept of living in Gloria Hotels & Resorts These modern living spaces across the UAE offer a unique accommodation for our guests I feel like you are at home in one of our alcohol-free properties in the Middle East. Our first goal is to satisfy our guests and ensure the best service whether you are traveling for business or summer
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